Kisi-Kisi Soal Bahasa Inggris Semester Genap SMP 2011/2012

Soal SMP Semester Genap 2011/2012

            This is SD Sinar Kasih. The students of this school. They learn different kinds of subject, such as Mathematics, English, Biology, and Indonesia language.

Every they wear the school uniform, white and white for Monday white and red for Tuesday until Friday, and the scout uniform for every Saturday.

  1. What days do the students wear the scout uniform?
    1. Thursday                    c.    Sunday
    2. Saturday                    d.   Monday


  1. The students wear … every Monday
    1. White and red            c.    Batik
    2. The scout uniform     d.   White and white

  1. They learn different kind of subject

The underlined word meants ….

  1. Animal                       c.    Books
  2. Lessons                      d.   Scheduls


  1. Usually they do the scout practice for every
    1. Sunday                      c.    Friday
    2. Wednesday                d.   Saturday


  1. They have … kinds uniforms
    1. One                            c.    Three
    2. Two                           d.   Four


  1. Rudi and Hasan … playing computer game
    1. Has                            c.    Are
    2. Am                             d.   Is


  1. We are watching the film in the …
    1. Cinema                      c.    Hospital
    2. Market                       d.   Restaurant
  2. The day after Saturday is …
    1. Sunday                      c.    Tuesday
    2. Friday                        d.   Wednesday
  3. Mosque id a place for …
    1. Swim                         c.    Sport
    2. Pray                           d.   Play


  1. The colour of our hair is ….
    1. Pink                           c.    Black
    2. Purple                        d.   Yellow


  1. Be quite, please!

The meaning of the sentence is …

  1. Hati-hatilah!              c.    Jangan marah!
  2. Tenanglah!                 d.   Jangan mengganggu
  3. The boy is …. Alone now.
    1. Study                         c.    Studied
    2. Studying                    d.   Studies


  1. The people use it for crossing sunda strait, it is called….

a.    Fery

b.   Ship

c.    Plane

d. Train


  1. That is a …

It lives in big river

  1. Crocodile                   c.    Comodo
  2. Snake                         d.   Lizard


  1. Kwaci is made from …
    1. Jasmine                      c.    Orchid
    2. Lotus                         d.   Sun flower


  1. Tetangga in English is …
    1. Neighbor                    c.    Street
    2. Society                        d.         Housing
  2. The teachers will have a meeting ……….
    1. Yesterday     c.  Tomorrow
    2. Last night     d.  All day




Text for number no. 18 – 20


How to make a glass of tea

  1. First, prepare the glass
  2. Second, put tea and sugar into the glass
  3. Pour hot water
  4. Stir it until mixed
  5. Wait for some minutes and finally it’s ready to serve
  6. Cover the glass with the lid


18. The genre of the text is…..

  1. Report                   c.  Recount
  2. Procedure     d.  Descriptive


19. The goal of the activity is …………..

  1. To make something
  2. To serve a glass of tea
  3. How to make tea
  4. How to make a glass of tea


20. What is the last step in making tea ?

  1. Pouring hot water
  2. Preparing glass
  3. Covering the glass with the lid
  4. Waiting for some minutes until the tea ready to serve.
  5. Look! That is the train

Where can we see the train?

  1. Airport           c.    Railway station
  2. Stadion          d.   Hairbour
  3. Do you know ‘Popeye’?

Yes, Popeye is a sailor, he always eat …

  1. Carrot                        c.    Cabbage
  2. Spinach                      d.   Banana


  1. We can smell some foods with our …
    1. Tongue                       c.    Nose
    2. Lips                            d.   Tooth


  1. It is nine to seven

In Indonesia is …

  1. 07.06                          c.    07.51
  2. 07.0                            d.   06.51


  1. Before sleeping, we say good …
    1. Morning                     c.    Evening
    2. Afternoon                  d.   Night
  2. Mr. Yayan is teaching his student in the class room. He is a ….
    1. Headmaster               c.    Teacher
    2. Librarian                    d.   Driver


26. What is his hobby ……….

  1. Eating          c.  Swimming
  2. Sport           d.  Playing football


Text for number no. 26 – 28


I am hendi. I am in year 7 SMP Simanjuntak. I go to school on foot. I wear a white shirt and pair of blue short. I wear a badge too. I like to wear a T-shirt and pair of shorts at home. I like to wear slippers, too.


27. What does hendi wear to school ?

He wears ……………….to school.

  1. Slippers        c.   a  T-shirt
  2. A uniform     d.  Sandals


28. What does hendi like to wear at home ?

He like to wear T-Shirt, a pair of short and ………..

  1. Shoes           c.  a tie
  2. A hat            d.  slippers


29. Hendi goes to school ………….

  1. By bicycle     c.  by motorcycle
  2. On foot        d.  by bus
  3. Name



















  1. We know that Teguh …
    1. Like music                  c.    Likes sport
    2. Does not like sport     d.   do not like music


By andhiecka

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